Cathedrale le Mans Photo CARAA ©

The Chapel of the Musical Angels at Le MANS

Studies prior to the restoration in the Chapel of the Musical Angels at Le MANS


This preliminary study carried out in collaboration with ARTHEMA restoration was carried out in the Chapel of the Virgin -XIVth century – (or Chapel of the Musical Angels) of the Saint Julien Cathedral of Le Mans.

It aims to characterize:

  • The constituent materials of the original wall paintings and of the successive restorations.
  • The identification of architectural materials, mortars, plasters, efflorescence and exudation salts formed on the surface.
  • As well as a multispectral imaging of the mural paintings .

The examinations were carried out in cross-section under visible and UV light and the analyzes were made by mean of Raman microscopy, SEM-EDS , X ray diffraction and micro-FTIR.


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