Painted backgrounds at the Vasarely foundation

Painted background study at the Vasarely foundation


CARAA is delighted to participate in collaboration with ARCOART (Magalie Troy) and Laura Briganti in the study of painted backgrounds at the Vasarely foundation.

These backgrounds supervised by Vasarely himself are classified as “historical monuments” since 2013. They present different conservation issues including, uplifting layers, peeling and infiltration.

The analyses carried out in this first campaign hope to provide some information to conservators for the restoration of these backgrounds.

Thanks to ARCOART and to the entire team of the collections and exhibitions department of the Vasarely Foundation for this fascinating collaboration.

The examinations were carried out in cross section under visible and UV light and the analyses were made by mean of Raman microscopy, SEM-EDS et micro-FTIR .

A next study will take place in early 021 on artworks from the foundation exhibiting surface deposit phenomena.

To be continued …