Multispectral Photo CARAA ©

Multispectral Camera

CARAA has recently acquired a new XpeCAM X01 multispectral camera.

This camera equipped with 30 filters covers the region from 360 to 1200 nm and allows to observe “beyond the visible” in the ultraviolet and infra-red regions and to detect restorations, repentances or preparatory drawings.

But, it also allows to extract the reflectance spectra of each pixel collected and compare it on the totality of the work (mapping). This feature is particularly useful for tracing the presence of a particular pigment in the different regions of an Artwork.

To date, the multispectral examinations carried out with this device have been carried out on various old and modern paintings (Renoir, Manet, Dali, Modigliani, Suetin, Arp, ..) as well as on classified works (e.g. Painted parchments by Dom Michel De Nobletz) and on painted ceramics.

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