At CARAA we have a strong experience in the expertise of metals. We have to date made studies on statues (antique as well as modern), gilded bronzes from furniture, archaeological metallic artefacts, numismatic collections, etc. Our analyses aim to help in understanding and preserving the metal-based objects.
  • The accuracy of physicochemical analyzes

A physico-chemical analysis allows to establish qualitatively the alloy composition of an object as well as the relative proportions of the different components (copper, tin, lead, silver, iron, etc.). If the requirements are favourable, the exact concentration of the alloy can be determined.

  • The authentication of an art works and looking for forgeries

The characterization of the corrosion products can help to differentiate natural alteration from artificial ones produced in a purpose of forgery. The concentration of an alloy may also be correlated with specific modes of manufacturing of an artist, a country or for a period in history.

  • An asset for restoration

The information provided by the analyses help the conservators and restorers for choosing the most suitable mode of restoration according to the dangerousness of the corrosion products identified on metals.