This aspect of analytical expertise is based on several concepts: Objects can be dated directly (this is the most obvious principle) or, these can be placed in a precise chronological context.
The possibilities of placing the object in a chronological context are very numerous:

  • This requires the analysis of the constituent materials. Like the pigments in a painting, the very glass in an antique alabastron or the metal alloy in a bronze sculpture.
  • This also involves studying the products of alteration or degradation of the work and their “alteration profile”.
  • And finally, it can also go through imaging or x-ray examination techniques.
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In any case, for each “authentication” problem, a different approach can be proposed, do not hesitate to consult us to refine this approach.
Finally, it is strongly recommended to cross-check all this analytical information with other fundamental verifications, such as stylistic or provenance. Our college of experts in these fields will also be able to guide you to consolidate the overall expertise file.